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Argos Scheduling and Delivery

Discover the time savings with Scheduling and Delivery.  The Scheduling and Delivery feature gives users the ability to schedule any report, data extract or OLAP cube for any time and frequency. Users will be saved from the mundane process of manually running reports daily, weekly, monthly, etc. and then exporting them to an email to be sent throughout the organizations or printing and manually distributing. Scheduling and Delivery creates huge gains in efficiency - create the report once and use over and over with little to no intervention.

Additionally, report bursting functionality is built into the scheduling and delivery feature.  This allows reports to be “burst” or page break on criteria in the report so specific individuals only get the section of the report that is relevant to them.  Often used in letter generation, budget reporting, departmental reporting, this capability is a huge benefit to users and administrators.

By automating repetitive tasks, reports are created and distributed when needed, without error, and without costly support time. The scheduling and delivery feature also integrates with your imaging or document management system. Scheduling reports and delivering them to users provides a consistent, reliable and seamless way to present data to all users.

Student Hold letter
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  For example, you could send out student hold letters on a daily basis via email as a PDF attachment that can be password protected and encrypted. Data fields from the letter can be used for the bursting criteria and the encryption password, for example the student ID field.


Scheduled Time and Frequency
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  Easily define how often the report should be run.


Scheduled Bursting
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  Setup the tasks to be performed. The schedule can also be designed using the bursting task, which is like a page break. Each time the report changes student ID’s, it will “burst”, or page break, creating a new letter with just that students hold information. Each student only receives an email with their own letter, not the entire report.


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