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Argos Administrator

With the web enabled MAP Server Configuration tool, Argos administrators can manage database connections, users and groups, security settings, LDAP configurations, queuing rules, scheduled reports, IP restrictions, back up settings, and automatic software updates.

Administrator Screenshots
Administrator Screenshot: ADO
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  Connect to a large variety of datasources, Oracle, MS SQL*Server, MySQL, DB2, and almost any other ANSI-compliant SQL database. Argos can even read from ODBC data sources and flat-files.


Administrator Screenshot: Users
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  Administrators can define user types, groups each user is associated with and how users are logging into Argos.


Administrator Screenshot: IP Address
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  Users can access Argos from campus, home or conferences based upon IP address.


Administrator Screenshots: Auto Updates
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  Argos uses automatic updating, administrators do not need to download and apply patches.


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