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DataBlock designers build the DataBlocks that Report Writers and Viewers utilize to get their data. These designers build the parameter form(s) in an easy to use interface as well as the queries that get the data from the database. Although SQL expertise and understanding of the database table structure is helpful, it may not be necessary for all DataBlocks - as long as the user knows where the data resides. An intuitive SQL Builder allows even novice users to build complex SQL queries without having to be experts!

DataBlock designers setup two main components within the DataBlock, the form design or parameter form and the visual design form.

Parameter Form Creation
Design Parameter Form
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  DataBlock designers can add objects to the parameter form: date value, list boxes, multiple column list boxes, text boxes, memo fields, buttons, graphics, charts, etc.


Datablock Parameter Form SQL Query
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  DataBlock designers can free type the SQL query, copy and paste a query they have written in another tool, or if the user is not proficient in writing SQL queries, they can take advantage of the visual designer tool.


Visual Design Form Creation
Orders Visual
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  Automatically reads your metadata layer to draw the joins.


Orders Visual Alias
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  DataBlock designers can create short descriptions for each database field name to make it intuitive for the users.


Field Security
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  DataBlock designers can drill security all the way to the field level and base security on individual users or groups of users.


View SQL
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  DataBlock Designers can use free type SQL (shown), functions and some types of stored procedures.


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