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FormFusion Email with Encryption

This optional module allows the distribution of output via email as plain text or a PDF document that can be password protected and encrypted. Emails can be sent to students, staff or vendors and recipients receive a fully-formatted email (even containing database fields like a mail merge document). By utilizing this optional module, savings can be found on postage and printing costs as well as the time involved with stuffing and sealing. This module is typically used for Purchase Orders, Student Bills, and Letter Generation.

For example, with the Purchase Order, the vendor, requester and purchasing department all receive a PDF copy of the PO instantly so nothing needs to be mailed, delivered to different departments or printed.

FormFusion Email Module Features
  • Automatic distribution of documents via email in any of the following formats:
    • PDF attachment
    • Text in the body of the email itself
  • PDF password protection for sensitive data
  • Definition of one or more email recipients, including TO, CC or BCC
  • Personalize subject line and email content on the fly

Email to Vendor
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  In this example, Copy 1 is always being emailed to the Vendor...


Execute the Print Command
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  …and only printed if the email address isn’t found in database.


Copy 2 Emailed Back to Requestor
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  Here Copy 2 will always be emailed back to the requestor.


Copy 3 is Printed and Placed into a Vendor File
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  Copy 3 however will always print and be placed into a vendor file.


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