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FormFusion PL SQL Script Director

This optional module integrates FormFusion output with your institutions Student Web Portal. This is most popular with the Student Bill process, but it can be used for grade mailers, letters, or rosters. The PL SQL Script Director module allows the FormFusion output to be presented directly to students through the Student Web Portal as a PDF. This eliminates printing and reprinting, saves on the cost of paper and time spent printing and offers a higher level of service to students.

Example #1
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  In this example, a student has logged into their institutions student web portal and can select a specific billing statement. The student can then click on the View Statement link to see a PDF image of their bill.


Example #2
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  This is the PDF image of the student’s bill. The student can print the bill locally, cut the bottom portion of the remittance off and send in the payment. This saves the institution on printing and mailing costs.


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