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FormFusion Template Design

Getting started with FormFusion is a simple and easy process. FormFusion templates for each of the most popular processes or jobs are already designed and ready for use. Below are the simple steps to get started with FormFusion.

Here's How it Works
  1. Download pre-designed FormFusion templates for processes and import them into FormFusion
  2. Modify the electronic templates using the FormFusion Developer Tool, a simple, yet feature-rich GUI interface. Add new graphics, change font sizes, add additional information from any database
  3. Setup the delivery method; print, email, integrate with a web portal or 3rd party imaging solutions
  4. When users run the job through their ERP Solution, a ASCII text file is automatically merged to the FormFusion electronic template. The form is then laser printed, emailed, delivered to a web portal or an imaging tool. It's that simple!

1. Download a Template
Downloading a Template
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  First, start with an Evisions template by downloading a template from our website and importing it into FormFusion.


2. Edit the Information
Edit Your Information
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  Then remove the Evisions information and add your institution logo and address information.


3. Add Additional Information
Additional Banner Information
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  Next, add any additional necessary information from your database that is not included in the standard output file. For example, the Requisition Number.


4. Select Output Methods
Output Methods
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  Last, decide what output methods should be used for this process; Print, Email, PL SQL Script Director and/or Imaging Integration.


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Here's How it Works