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IntelleCheck Optional Features - Email with Encryption

Emailing allows institutions to see immediate cost savings, it reduces paper, postage and envelope costs as well as the time and manual labor spent printing and stuffing.  This optional email module allows institutions to securely email students, employees or vendors a fully-formatted email, customizable with database fields, and attaches a password protected PDF image of the direct deposit statement. The email module comes with a scheduling and delivery tool which automates the delivery of the direct deposit statement. This optional email module can save thousands of dollars in printing, postage and staff costs with each run.

Students, employees and vendors alike will appreciate the speed and convenience of direct-deposits, which gives them immediate access to their money, instead of waiting to receive a check in the mail, then depositing and waiting again for it to clear before funds are available. 

  In this example, the Direct Deposit Advices are set to Email then Print. If IntelleCheck finds the recipients email address within the database, it will email a password protected and encrypted PDF of the Direct Deposit Advice to the recipient. If an email address cannot be found within the database, IntelleCheck will print the Direct Deposit Advice. The Direct Deposit Advice can be printed to a printer with regular paper and non-MICR toner.


Schedule Emails
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  Users have the ability to deliver the Direct Deposit Advices immediately via email or schedule when the email should be sent.


Email Properties
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  The body of the email can be customized with variable fields from the output file, such as Employee Name. Additional information can be added to the text for communication purposes, for example, information about employee benefits.


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