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IntelleCheck: Payment Processing Solution

IntelleCheck: Payment Processing SolutionOrganizations have to issue payments, it’s a part of doing business, but it doesn’t have to be hard. IntelleCheck, a payment processing solution offers a full range of features that add efficiency and provide substantial savings to your organization. IntelleCheck enhances and streamlines output for AP, Payroll, Student Refund checks and Direct Deposit Advices. IntelleCheck utilizes blank secure check stock replacing costly pre-printed check stock and gives clients the ability to protect against fraudulent activity with the built in Positive Pay functionality. IntelleCheck also integrates with 3rd party imaging solutions so check copies no longer need to be printed and stored. Optionally, IntelleCheck can email direct deposit advices to students, vendors and employees as a password protected and encrypted PDF attachment. IntelleCheck makes issuing payments a single, simple process for direct deposits and printed checks.

IntelleCheck Product Benefits
  • Completely web based, nothing is installed on the PC
  • Evisions designs the check templates. No additional internal work is required to get up and running
  • Reprint within IntelleCheck, users don’t need to void and reissue damaged checks within their ERP
  • Sort payments based upon any field from the file such as zip code, invoice number, name, etc.
  • Add and drop signatures based upon a specific dollar amount
  • Evisions creates the Positive Pay file that is automatically transmitted to the bank once the job has been processed
  • Automatically email direct deposit advices as a PDF document that is password protected and encrypted. Save on paper costs, postage and envelopes as well as deliver advices the day the payment is made
  • Integrates with imaging solutions for file copy storage as a PDF document
  • Ability to send Electronic Refunds to students through integration with Higher One


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