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IntelleCheck Delivery Methods

If payments are not delivered in a timely manner, customer satisfaction and business processes suffer.  IntelleCheck dramatically increases efficiency and security, reduces resources and processing expenses and allows for multiple output options. The easy-to-use functionality allows institutions to print payments, integrate with third party imaging solutions and email direct deposit advices making it the ideal platform for all of your payment needs.


IntelleCheck allows institutions to print check payments to any laser printer with blank secure check stock and MICR toner. IntelleCheck also enables you to print to multiple printers at the same time and the software will automatically balance the load between the printers based upon printer speed. This helps decrease the amount of time spent printing. Copies of checks and Direct Deposit Advices can be printed to a printer with regular paper and non-MICR toner so blank check stock and MICR toner is not wasted.  With IntelleCheck, you are not locked into using specific check stock or other paper products, so  you can maintain your current paper-vendor relationships.


The built in imaging component of IntelleCheck allows institutions to send their file copies of checks, direct deposit advices and Higher One payments as a PDF image to third party imaging solutions. This helps cut down on the cost and waste of paper, reduced paper storage and retrieval costs, allows for faster search and retrieval of documents, reduction in the number of lost documents, and creates a digital "paper trail" that supports compliance with growing state and federal regulatory requirements.


The optional email module offers clients a secure, seamless, and cost effective way of delivering Direct Deposit Advices to their students, employees and vendors.

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