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IntelleCheck Security

When it comes to processing payments, security is by far the most important consideration. Evisions clients have found IntelleCheck to be the most secure payment processing solution available today. IntelleCheck ties directly to your database which means files are never transferred across the network. IntelleCheck directly accesses your database security and then additional IntelleCheck security can be applied on top of your database security. IntelleCheck security can separate users based upon application (Accounts Payable vs. Payroll), account code and function.

Security Payroll Example
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  For example, you may have one person in the Payroll department who can simply print checks...


Security Payroll Supervisor
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  While the Payroll supervisor can print checks, run reprints of damaged checks and run IntelleCheck reports.


AES Encryption

IntelleCheck also utilizes AES encryption, the same encryption standard used to protect U.S. military and government files. AES is the U.S. government encryption standard adopted by NIST. The encryption key is rotated every 10 packets assuring complete security. If that isn’t enough security, IntelleCheck also includes Positive Pay which helps protect against any fraudulent check activity.

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