MAPS Overview | Evisions
MAPS (Multiple Application Platform Server)

MAPS stands for "Multiple Application Platform Server". It is the server from which all Evisions' web enabled applications are installed and deployed. Installed on a Windows server, users connect to MAPS via their web browser. They can then choose if they wish to run Argos, FormFusion, DataMasque or IntelleCheck. Users, connections, permissions and updates are managed on the MAP Server using the MAPS Configuration Tool. This simplifies maintenance as you perform the configuration once, regardless of how many Evisions' products you own.

MAPS Advantages
  • Unlimited number of database connections
  • Unlimited number of users and groups
  • Connect to a single sign-on server
  • Administrators can manage MAPS via a web browser
  • Central management of the Evisions Suite of Products
  • Launch all Evisions products via a web browser
  • Users can run and update Evisions applications without having to be the administrator of their local PC
  • Administrators can deploy multiple versions of applications with the Universal Launcher
  • Drivers are not required at the workstation level
  • All information is encrypted with AES encryption
  • Server side email handling
  • Server-side deployment of web reports