Argos Helps Us Be More Like Amazon

by Evisions


Students order a package from Amazon and it is delivered the next day. So it’s no wonder they don’t understand why they have to wait 2-3 business days for an enrollment verification letter.

“If only we could move at the speed of Amazon.”
“But wait, with Evisions Argos, we can!”

Lehigh University discusses how they use Argos to build DataBlocks and reports to give students a self-service portal to access a variety of letters such as enrollment verifications and grade mailers. Not only has this reduced the workload for staff, but it has also increased student satisfaction!

This webinar is presented by Diana Weaver, Systems Manager, Registration & Academic Services at Lehigh University.

eBook - A Cross-Functional Look at Institutional Reporting

Different campus departments have different goals and require specific data, reports, & metrics to assess their progress towards those goals.

Case Study - Lehigh University

Immediate Access to Current Advancement Data

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