Data Governance: An Analysis to Prevent Paralysis

by Evisions

Data governance is essential to trusting your data

Like any organization, your institution relies on data to function and grow. Data governance is the way to ensure that the data you’re using is available, usable, trustworthy, and secure. Generally speaking, data governance refers to the overall management of data. Without it, you may be unable keep pace with peer institutions or, even worse, serve your students to the best of your ability.

A data governance program is clearly necessary. But it doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can be implemented from the bottom up or from the top down. There are steps you can take to evaluate your current data governance program and improve upon it, or to build your program from scratch.

This webinar is an expanded discussion of the Evisions blog series “An Exploration of Data Governance:”

  • Data Governance Explained
  • 10 Key Steps for Building Trust in Your Data
  • Take the Data Validation Challenge

eBook - An Exploration of Data Governance

How can you manage the data you rely on to function and grow?

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