Encapsulating an Entire Process in Argos



Idaho State University explores how Evisions Argos can corral an entire process. Lindsey Peterson, Systems and Data Management Director at ISU, examines how – besides querying the relevant data – a creative use of Argos’ buttons, memos, tabs, and data aware fields can help keep all the details in one place. The result is a win for business continuity, especially in a season of staff turnover, and the “all hands on deck” approach to getting work done.

Lindsey’s discussion centers on two specific processes:
1. Disenrollment Process: Reaching out to students who haven’t paid their bill, haven’t signed up for a payment plan, and are registered for the semester, to ascertain whether they need help with payment options or if they perhaps need help disenrolling.
     — Spans multiple departments (student accounts, enrollment management, admissions, grad school)
     — Used twice a year, for about a two week stretch each time
     — Includes a telephone script for the person calling the student
2. New Student Onboarding: Includes three different online tasks a student must complete (offered by two different vendors), and whether Banner accurately reflects the completion of the tasks.
     — Used throughout the year by one office
     — Using this in a staff transition situation; buttons (to take users to the vendor websites) have saved the day!
     — Includes a “person lookup tool” that helps overcome problems in the vendor data; lots of data aware fields

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