Evisions CADMUS: Empowering Faster, Better Decision Making Through Improved Data Access



Student achievement, institutional success, and organizational reputation have one very important dynamic in common: They all rest on the decisions you make for your college or university.

That’s why having fingertip access to timely, easy-to-use, and easy-to-report data is so important. And it’s why we developed Evisions CADMUS. Built specifically to fit the needs of department heads and other top administrators, Evisions CADMUS simplifies and streamlines the process of drawing important insights from disparate data sources.

In this on demand webinar we’re joined by Stephanie Ingalls, research analyst at Barstow Community College. Stephanie discusses how their Office of Institutional Research is using Evisions CADMUS to collect and connect data in 75-80% less time than the manual process they relied on previously. The end result isn’t merely combining critical data from different sources into a single report, but getting reports to their data consumers faster while reducing the number of support tickets they need to submit to IT.

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Blog - Reporting from Multiple Data Sources in Higher Education: Best Practices

Generally speaking, we already have the tools to pull data together. From a realistic standpoint, though, we can’t expect to simply point, click, and return valid results. There’s much more to it.

Case Study - Barstow Community College

College Gets Back 75% of Their Time Collecting and Connecting Data

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