Eyes and Ears Please! (We’re Talking About Higher Ed Data.)

by Evisions


Data access and reporting has come a long way!

As it relates to the five senses, data access and reporting was always about sight. Does the code read correctly? Does the data display properly? Do the tables and charts look like they make sense? While the visual aspects of data still apply, it’s not the only sense we can put to use when accessing and receiving data.

Nowadays, sight is joined by sound. In addition to reading and seeing reports, we are entering an age where that same data can be requested and answered verbally. By being able to engage data with multiple senses we not only give ourselves more options, but data can be accessed and reported a lot more quickly. Of course, new technological capabilities also brings with it certain expectations, cautions, and best practices.

This webinar is an expanded discussion of our blog series, “Sights & Sounds: Higher Ed Data Feeds the Senses“:

• The Growth of Voice AI in Higher Education
• Visualizing Data in Higher Ed: Must-have, Nice-to-have, Shouldn’t-have
• Best Practices for Building Tables (Simple, Pivot, and Otherwise)

eBook - Integrating Visualization into Your Data Ecosystem

Data visualization, or how data is presented for examination and utilization, can be equally meaningful as the data itself.

eBook - Sights & Sounds: Higher Ed Data Feeds the Senses

Whether it’s via speaking, listening or seeing, you have more – and better – ways to access and report data than ever before.

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