Getting Up-to-Date Data is as Simple as Opening a Web Page

by Evisions


Missouri State University is using Evisions Argos to embed dashboards and reports in web pages. Instead of constantly having to ask IT to run reports for them, or running the reports themselves, key administrators and decision makers can simply open a customized web page to find the up-to-date data they need.

In this webinar, Sreekanth Acharya (Senior Database Engineer) and Aubrey Larimore Vargas (Systems Analyst):
• Discuss how Missouri State has leveraged Argos’s Web Viewer API to create a platform where custom web pages can be created on the fly with Argos reports embedded in them
• Review the departments utilizing this report and data delivery method (and what they think about it so far)
• Demonstrate what they’ve achieved using the Web Viewer API and some clever programming from their development team. (Spoiler alert! Once the infrastructure is in place, no further web programming is needed, and the pages can be updated using a set of database tables.)

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