Higher Ed Finance: Let Evisions Argos Do the Heavy Lifting

by Evisions


The Finance Department at a college or university often has to analyze large data sets to produce useful and actionable information. A couple of typical examples are the deferral of revenue, such as tuition deferrals, and assessing bad debt expense in compliance with the IFRS 9 standard. (The aging of accounts payable and assessment for accruals at the end of a reporting period are two additional examples.)

Evisions Argos is well suited to address these issues. In this on demand webinar, the University of the West Indies shows how Argos can be deployed to handle the heavy lifting when it comes to number crunching – providing speed, consistency, and improvements to not just financial reporting, but to business outcomes.

This on demand webinar is presented by:
Eton Chin, Assistant Manager, Financial Reporting, Information Systems & Systems Support, The University of the West Indies – Mona Campus

Video - Argos Across Campus: A Functional Perspective | Part 3: Finance

Take a functional look at how Evisions Argos is used at – and benefits – Concordia University Irvine from a Finance perspective.

Case Study - Imperial Valley College

Reporting Practices Made Seamless Across Campus

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