Meeting Reporting Demands With Argos: A Collaborative Effort

by Evisions


When it comes to data and reporting, Utah State University has a large user base (2,000+). These users expect high performance from the reports they receive. They also want them quickly and seek immediate help should they encounter problems along the way. This can sometimes be a painful process with lots of frustrations when the data you need to make decisions is not there.

Alan Carbutt, Senior Database Administrator & Data Warehouse Architect, examines how USU effectively meets this high demand with help from Evisions Argos. Alan, the DBA, and the developer community are able to collaborate in order to streamline the process of developing the needed Argos DataBlocks to satisfy the demands of their customer base.

This presentation includes some technical aspects as Alan dives into the DataBlock building process. It also addresses, at a higher level, the collaboration, development, and innovation that evolved – not just within the USU staff – but with contributions from Evisions and the larger Argos user community.

Video - Utah State University

Finance Reporting with Argos at Utah State

Case Study - West Virginia Network

Encouraging Collaboration with Streamlined Reporting from Argos

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