Reports in a Flash: Giving Your Users Timely, Consistent Data

by Evisions


The IT department at Niagara County Community College faced a few problems: 1) There were inconsistencies when users from different departments compared data; 2) Outside of IT, some data calculations were being performed manually; 3) Their users often put in IT requests when up-to-date data was needed.

Thankfully, they were able to resolve these issues using Evisions Argos, their enterprise reporting solution.

Catherine Kern (Programmer Analyst) and Matt Mackey (Director of User & Administrator Technology Services) walk us through these challenges – and the solutions – while focusing on two specific use cases:

• Enrollment Report: Term enrollment statistics needed to be shared throughout campus in a timelier manner. Now, when registration for the term begins, daily enrollment reports (aka Daily Flash Reports) are sent out via email through the Argos scheduler. College offices, administrators, and department chairs receive the daily report, and they can readily see the same enrollment data in order to discuss and plan.

• Student Course/Grade Data: Discrepancies were appearing when analyzing and comparing data around student course success. Now, the same Argos DataBlock is used throughout campus to review student success – and the discrepancies have been eliminated.

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Video - Argos DataBlocks Ease IT Burden at Nicolet College

Scott Messner, of Nicolet College, describes the ease of use of Evisions Argos. In particular, how the DataBlocks make the reporting process user friendly, not just for end users, but for the IT department and its limited resources.

Case Study - University of Arkansas at Little Rock

University Achieves Institutional Performance Measurement with Argos Dashboards and Data Cubes

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