The DataBlock Dashboard Evolution – An Enterprise Reporting Perspective

by Evisions


In this on demand webinar, Jason Caban, Associate Director of Banner Enterprise Data at Manhattan College discusses enterprise data requests, requirements, and how they have evolved over time.

He dives into their use of Argos DataBlocks and the dashboards they create from them, examining how the dashboards’ use of variables and elements changes everything. (Oracle-based SQL will be shown in this technical portion.) A discussion on dashboard elements (dropdowns, list boxes, etc.) to influence other selectable dashboard elements and the use of pre-processing (on-demand dashboard results) versus post-processing (dashboard results by element execution) is the focus of this discussion.

Blog - Shining the Light on SQL Variables in Argos

Bill Johnson from Oakland University takes us through SQL variables – an Argos feature that can quickly take your dashboards and reporting to another level.

On Demand Webinar - One Dashboard to Rule Them All! (Giving Your Users What They Need)

Nicolet College shows how you can create one dashboard to provide users relevant, user-specific data as a centralized source for their most-accessed data and routine updates.

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