Work the Body (of an Email) with Argos

by Evisions


Do you want added convenience when it comes to emailing query results using Argos? Did you know those results can be shown in the body of an email rather than (or in addition to) an attachment? This capability is perfect for automated data quality audits. It’s also great for when you’d like to automate emails with a list of results in the body (e.g. sending a student a list of the courses they’re registered for). Jon Davidson, Associate Registrar, Electronic Processes, Systems & Technology at Oakland University, walks you through the process of using SQL to easily and dynamically generate HTML tables that can be embedded in Argos scheduled emails. He also shows some additional examples and discusses the advantages of this functionality compared to some of the other options that might be available.

On Demand Webinar - Schedule Your Reports – Not Your Life – Away

In part 1 of 2 webinars, Bryan Fortriede of Ball State University covers using the Argos Scheduler to send reports to users that may not have access to, or just don’t use, Argos.

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In part 2 of 2 webinars, Bryan Fortriede takes a deeper look at scheduling emails in Argos, including: advanced skills, solutions to various scenarios and needs, and how to setup distribution lists.

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