Clean, Focused, Consistent Data

What is DORIS?

Evisions DORIS is a cloud-based solution designed to ensure the data you use is clean, consistent, and focused. It provides assurance that the data on which you’re basing your decisions can be trusted – time after time and regardless of what, or how many, data sources you use.

Guiding Principles of DORIS


  • Gather data from disparate sources
  • Schedule automatic data refresh
  • Simplify the source of your data


  • Set standard data definitions
  • Map underlying data to relevant reporting field
  • Freeze point-in-time data
  • Clean up inaccurate data
  • Automate shadow IT systems


  • Accurate and consistent trend reporting
  • Facilitate compliance reporting
  • Sound decision making through combined data sources
  • Aggregate data for advancement opportunities
  • Foundation for predictive analytics

The Difference

  • Intent driven
  • Quick time-to-value
  • Easy to maintain
  • Leverage your Argos investment

Benefits of DORIS


Easier & quicker to learn

Speeds up onboarding and training!

Uniform data across departments

Everyone works from the same data!

Consistent data year over year

Compare apples to apples!


How does pulling data from DORIS compare to pulling data from your ERP?

Higher Ed Categories # DORIS Entities # ERP Tables
Student 15 6,100+
Finance 4 2,300+
Financial Aid 2 1,400+
Human Resources 5 2,500+
Other* 14 n/a
*Includes Academic Libraries and IPEDS Information

DORIS Data Flow

Partner Case Study

Read how Evisions partnered with NorthBay Solutions and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build Evisions CADMUS and DORIS, web-based solutions that enable our higher education clients to access their data more quickly, easily, and confidently.

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