Grant Guidelines & Submission

Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant from Sweet Geeks Foundation. Before submitting your application, please take a moment to carefully review the grant guidelines to ensure your eligibility. Our funding areas are Arts, Youth Homelessness, and Cancer Relief.

Arts & Youth Homelessness Grants

For Arts or Youth Homelessness organizations interested in applying for a grant please review the following information.



  1. Tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. Operating in Southern California.
  3. Providing services/programs that address arts and/or youth homelessness.
  4. Non-discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, age, or national origin.
  5. Annual operating budget up to $2.5 million.

Arts and Youth Homelessness Grants may only be used for General Operating Support or Specific Program Support.

Grant Award

This year, we are awarding TWO grants to Arts organizations and TWO grants to Youth Homelessness organizations.

The grant amounts range from $5,000 to $10,000


Application Procedures

  • Two-stage application: start with an online Letter of Inquiry (LOI).
  • LOIs accepted between July 1st and August 31st.
  • Response to LOI within 2-4 weeks from August 31st.
  • Competitive LOIs will be invited to submit a full proposal.
  • Full Proposals due in October, with instructions provided at that time.
  • Site Visits/Interviews with Board in October/November.
  • Grant recipients announced in November.
  • If LOI is declined, reapplication is eligible after 12 months.

For questions regarding LOI or Full Proposal completion, contact Theresa Gartland at or 323-384-3847.

Cancer Relief Grants

Sweet Geeks Foundation offers cancer relief grants to cancer patients in need. These grants aim to alleviate the financial burdens faced by cancer patients, assisting them with rent, bills, and essential expenses or providing memorable experiences. Under the cancer relief grants, we have two grant categories: Financial Relief Grant and Experience Grant.

Eligible patients are LIMITED to applying for just one of the grants.

Financial Relief Grants support qualifying cancer patients currently undergoing treatment by providing financial aid for essential expenses such as rent, utility bills, medical costs, gas cards, and grocery store cards. Eligible patients can apply for a one-time Financial Relief Grant up to $3,000.

Experience Grants offer cancer patients and their loved ones an adventurous experience that they would not be able to afford or have the opportunity to partake in otherwise, experience grants up to $5,000.



  1. Applicant must have a diagnosis of cancer confirmed by an oncology health care provider.
  2. Applicant must currently be undergoing active cancer treatment.
  3. Applicant must reside in Southern California.
  4. Applicant must meet our eligibility guidelines based on the Federal Poverty Limit, Income must be equal to or less than 300% of the federal poverty limit for the current year.
  5. Applicant must provide income documentation and copies of relevant bills for which assistance is requested. Please note: Sweet Geeks Foundation pays grants directly to the mortgage company, landlord, and service provider. Gas and food gift cards are also provided, and receipts will be requested. For
  6. Experience Grant Only – Applicant must not have previously participated in another similar wish/trip program.

2023 Federal Poverty Limit Guidelines

Household Size

1 $43,740
2 $59,160
3 $74,580
4 $90,000
5 $105,420
6 $120,840
7 $136,260
8 $151,680

Application Procedures

  • One application: submit online application.
  • Applications accepted between July 1st and August 31st.
  • Interview in October (if necessary).
  • Grant recipients announced in November.
  • If application is declined, reapplication is eligible after 12 months.
Sweet Geeks Foundation, its board of directors, holds complete and exclusive authority over grant decisions. The grant program has the potential to be adjusted, paused, or terminated at any given moment.