Argos 5.0 Now Available



Evisions announces the release of Argos 5.0. This newest version of our enterprise reporting solution for higher education offers an improved user interface for better navigation, more convenience, and less clutter – all designed to get you to accomplish your goals faster. It also includes customer-driven enhancements to improve exporting, administration, and DataBlocks.

Key updates include:

  • User interface improvements around the explorer tree, DataBlock Designer, Banded reports, and Extract reports
  • Better exporting capabilities with the option to include a byte order mark when exporting CSV reports to Microsoft Excel
  • New ability to set a default “Run User” for schedules, for enhanced administration capabilities
  • Improved validity of DataBlocks by enabling Argos to check for invalid objects or variables

More detailed information can be found in the Argos 5.0 Release Guide.

(Version 5.0 of MAPS is now available as well.)



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