Delivering the Intelligence You Need for Campus-wide Success

Unleash the power of data with Argos, a flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use reporting tool designed to deliver the insights you need to make timely, better-informed decisions across your institution.

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What is Argos?

Argos is a reporting tool that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems, transforming raw data into actionable insights. Whether you’re in Admissions, Registrar/Enrollment, IT, Financial Aid, Finance, Advancement, or HR, Argos provides comprehensive views of key metrics, enabling you to enhance your department’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Address Critical Institutional Challenges

Limited Resources

Argos is a versatile solution that extends beyond reporting. It can be leveraged to address a multitude of business issues on campus. This versatility enables you to do more with less and offers potential cost-savings by reducing the need to purchase other software tools to address those issues.

Timely Data
Your institution’s data is constantly changing. You don’t want to make decisions based on data that is a week, a few days, or even a day old. Argos gives you access to real-time data to ensure you make decisions based on relevant, up-to-date data.
Changing Technology

Technology is evolving quickly. You’re evolving too, but at your own pace. Whatever your combination is of cloud-based and on-premise systems, Argos has the flexibility to support the mix. And that support will continue no matter how quickly (or slowly) you choose to evolve.

Argos in Action: 
Empowering Every Department

Whether you’re in the Finance department crunching numbers, in the Admissions office analyzing student demographics, or in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences tracking research outputs, Argos is your go-to solution. See some of the ways Argos can empower your department.

How Argos helps IT

Argos can help make sure that, when it comes to reporting, all your various tools & technologies are integrated and work correctly. It better equips you to ensure that faculty & staff can use those tools to do their jobs, while lessening their dependence on IT (freeing you up for other projects). You can safeguard data by controlling access so that staff has access to only the data they need (as well as the ability to make changes should someone leave or change roles).

Before Argos

  • Current technology is no longer supported or unable to handle increased demand for reporting
  • Inefficient and disparate systems
  • Retiring or departing staff take knowledge with them
  • Difficult to ensure security of sensitive data

After Argos

  • Reports/dashboards available to users at a click of a button
  • Consistency when pulling data from the institution’s many data sources
  • Volume of reports reduced, saving IT multiple hours per week (and increasing productivity)
  • Security can be fine-tuned to determine access to sensitive info

How Argos helps Financial Aid

We’ve heard some crazy stories about incorrect Financial Aid award letters being sent to students. With Argos in place, the chances of that happening are extremely slim. It not only helps you more accurately track your required data, but it also enables you to incorporate that data into personalized communications to students – making for a smoother, more automated process for all parties involved.

Before Argos

  • Difficulty tracking key metrics (e.g., FAFSA info, Disbursement/Funds mgt., Verification tracking)
  • Current processes are inefficient and a huge administrative burden
  • Lack of functionality and scalability of existing solution

After Argos

  • Comprehensive views, current and historic, of all financial aid activity
  • Improved tracking of disbursements, funds, and verifications
  • Prevent/reduce financial aid issues
  • More easily personalize student communications

How Argos helps Admissions/Recruitment

Two of the most common goals we hear from Admissions professionals are:
1) We need an easier, more automated process for everyone involved – for both the staff and the prospective students; and 2) We want to give people the tools they need to be able to do their jobs and to give them the data behind those jobs that is accurate.

Argos can help you accomplish both of those goals!

Before Argos

  • Difficulty tracking recruiting/admissions trends
  • Unable to use data to better serve students
  • Inefficient process for incorporating data into student communications

After Argos

  • Newfound data is used to enhance student recruitment and admissions
  • Enables Admissions/Recruitment team to be proactive, rather than reactive
  • More easily personalize student communications

How Argos helps Registrar/Enrollment

Argos better enables you to keep accurate & safe student academic records. It lets you serve your students appropriately – even providing self-service to students when it comes to certain applications. Argos can help you help students through their academic career and graduate successfully. Over the long run, by better serving your students, you improve your ability to increase enrollment.

Before Argos

  • Difficulty tracking key metrics (e.g., graduation rates, transfer rates)
  • Enrollment data too often misinterpreted (leading to decisions based on incorrect conclusions)
  • Current scheduling processes are inefficient and a huge administrative burden
  • A real challenge to have all relevant information handy when advising students

After Argos

  • Comprehensive views of key metrics within Registrar’s Office
  • Greater visibility into – and more consistently accurate – enrollment data
  • Better able to set academic goals with students and ensure those goals are achieved
  • Better manage student advising, as well as scheduling of instructors, courses, and classrooms

How Argos helps Finance

Finance, probably more than any other department, must parse its data, whether by fiscal period, department, campus, or any other possible breakdown. Between Argos’s customizable dashboards and its drill-down capabilities, you have greater ability – and flexibility – to do all of that. Another Finance-specific benefit we’ve heard from clients is that Argos has helped them cut significant time on key processes such as audits and reconciliations.

Before Argos

  • Inefficient way to track and report key info for audits or accreditation
  • Challenges creating big picture reports for non-financial people
  • Difficulty aggregating or disaggregating data

After Argos

  • More easily view, track, and report on specific data for a fiscal period
  • Create big picture reports that identify key financial data for presentation to non-financial people
  • Aggregate and disaggregate data as appropriate for strategic decision-making or resource allocation and budgeting

How Argos helps Advancement

Given the role and importance of Advancement and Development to an institution, we understand the need for your records to not only be up to date, but for you to have the ability to update those records as close to “real-time” as possible. Argos can give you that ability, as well as the capability to dive into that data to discover donor trends and patterns to help shape your outreach efforts.

Before Argos

  • Inaccurate alumni and donor contact information
  • No good way to track and report on alumni and corporate campaigns and events, or staff touchpoints with alumni and donors
  • Current system is not automated enough

After Argos

  • Accurate, real-time, 360° view of your customer/constituent base
  • Pre-formatted donor profile reports & dashboards customized to each Advancement Officer
  • Improve visibility into gift officer and fundraising activities
  • Automate and better manage donor outreach and alumni relations

How Argos helps Human Resources

We’ve heard clients use Argos for a number of HR-related functions:

  • Identifying personnel needs
  • Tracking earnings, benefits & deductions (for budget management and payroll)
  • Succession planning
  • And maintaining compliance with federal and state rules

Personalized dashboards and the ability to run reports themselves (without needing IT) are a couple of common key benefits we hear about from Argos users in HR departments.

Before Argos

  • Personnel, payroll, and other data housed in disparate systems, making reporting a challenge
  • Difficulty gathering data and creating reports required by government and internal department heads
  • Lack of control over access to sensitive personnel data

After Argos

  • Enhanced views of personnel files, payroll, benefits, and PTO
  • Develop exception reports to indicate issues with employee data that may hold up data processing
  • More control over access to sensitive personnel info
  • Departments and colleges can obtain employee lists without developer assistance

Argos works for you 
wherever your data resides

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, data is the key to unlocking insights, driving innovation, and enhancing the learning experience. With Argos, we bridge the gap between traditional on-premise data storage and the boundless possibilities of the cloud.

On-Premise Accessibility
Securely manage and access your institution’s vital data right where you are. Our on-premise solutions offer robust control, ensuring that your information is always at your fingertips, compliant with regulations, and tailored to your unique needs.
Cloud Flexibility
Embrace the future with our seamless cloud integration. Argos is fully SaaS-ready, providing you powerful reporting no matter where your data is. Scale as you grow, with the assurance of top-tier security and reliability.
Security You Can Trust
Whether on-premise, hosted or fully SaaS, Argos prioritizes the integrity and confidentiality of your data. Our state-of-the-art encryption and multi-layered security protocols stand guard, so you can focus on what matters most – educating the leaders of tomorrow.

More Than a Reporting Tool: Built-in Versatility

As effective as Argos is as a reporting tool, it does so much more. In fact, its versatility is one of the reasons users have come to love Argos and rely on it so heavily. These are some of the more popular uses of Argos, outside of reporting:
Data Clean-up (Audit Reports)

Run audits (aka discrepancy reports) to check for missing data or data inconsistencies across various sources (e.g., CRM has 15 students, ERP has 14.). Identify failed data entries in free text fields (e.g., “Elm Street” vs “Elm St.”).

Data Governance

Ensure that your data is clear and consistent. With tools such as the Library of Objects and the Data Dictionary, Argos can help give administrators across campus confidence in the data.

Full SQL Tool (Insert/Update)

Simplify access to specific fields in Argos, reducing complexity and potential for errors. Make updates to Banner (or whichever ERP you use). Create electronic input forms that can then push the data into a database or ERP.

Communication Tool

Generate emails and letters without needing a separate application. Especially useful for early warning alerts, which can be triggered in real-time when data is updated.

Rapid App. Development Tool

Argos supports DML, allowing the creation of entire applications outside other systems. (e.g., ID Card systems, Fitness Center applications.)

Process Automation

Enables creation of new workflows in the ERP, combining reports and applications to complete tasks. (e.g., Faculty Contract Approvals)

Additional Value

While we’re tempted to list everything we think you’ll love about Argos, here is just another handful of features, uses, and benefits that add to the value that Argos can bring to your campus.
Unlimited Users
Expanding use doesn’t mean expanding costs. Argos’s enterprise license means unlimited users and unlimited connections.
Broaden Report Usage
Securely deliver reports via third-party software tools (e.g., web portals, ERP) – promoting broader use and availability across all user groups – with the Argos API.
Dive Into Your Data
Gain greater insights, uncover relationships, and identify key patterns using Argos’s fast and flexible OLAP Data Cubes.
Centralize Your Data
Work within today’s technological landscape. Centralize your inbound and outbound data, whether on premise or in the cloud, with Argos Connect.
Charts & Dashboards
Summarize data quickly with interactive charts and dynamic real-time dashboards with drill-down capabilities – enabling end users to view and manipulate report data as needed. (You can even condense multiple ERP pages or forms into a single, easy-to-use dashboard.)
Schedule Reports

Avoid having to manually run the same report over and over again. With Argos’s ability to schedule reports, you set it and forget it. (And you can also schedule reports to be delivered via email to all relevant stakeholders.)

Role-specific Access

Ensure end users see only what they’re supposed to see. While a report may pull in data from a wide variety of sources, you can create role-specific access to the report so that a role can only see the data that is relevant to them.

Report Delivery Options
Not only does Argos offer a variety of ways to display your data, from pie charts to banded reports, but it also provides various options for distributing/consuming those reports (email, weblinks, PDFs, etc.)

Working with the tools you use everyday

Argos is not just a reporting tool; it’s a multi-use solution that connects with the tools you use every day. From Admissions CRM to 3rd Party Systems, Argos works with your existing technology to provide visualizations and analytics of already vetted data.

Adirondack Solutions
Admissions CRM
Adirondack Solutions
Admissions CRM
MS Excel/CSV
Data Warehouse
3rd Party Systems
MS Excel/CSV
Data Warehouse
3rd Party Systems

No matter the size of your institution, Argos has you covered

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