Argos and MAPS 6.9 Now Available



Evisions has released version 6.9 of Argos and MAPS. This latest update to our enterprise reporting solution and platform server focuses on providing users a better experience when working with current and emerging technologies.

The key updates in this release include:

  • Improved performance when using large data sets (Multi-column list boxes and other controls can load more records while requiring fewer PC resources)
  • Enhanced DataBlock Run API (i.e., increased API support for 3rd party integrations such as PowerBI)
  • Full DORIS support, for better query execution
  • The ability to cancel SQL queries in the Argos Web Viewer
  • Support for connecting to MAPS via IPv6

Other updates in this release include bug fixes and accessibility improvements. More detailed information can be found in the Argos 6.9 and MAPS 6.9 Release Guides.

After reading the Release Guides, if you still need help, please contact Evisions Support:



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