Introducing the Argos DataBlock Connector!



Evisions announces the release of the DataBlock Connector, the newest advanced feature* for Argos. It provides institutions with the ability to directly connect supplemental front-end reporting/BI tools, which might be used for added visualization, to a trusted data source – the Argos DataBlock. This increases data reliability and allows for a more automated flow of information within the institution’s preferred data ecosystem, enabling quicker, better-informed decisions.

Benefits of the new advanced feature include:

  • Improves how institutions use supplemental front-end reporting/BI tools directly with Argos, saving themselves even more time
  • Gives Institutional Researchers, or others, the ability to apply the same visualizations to operational reporting that they do to strategic reporting
  • Eliminates manual processes (e.g., exporting and importing of CSV files) and the need for additional development

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*Optional module; Argos v5.3 required



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