2023 FormFusion & IntelleCheck Tax Announcements



The following are FormFusion and IntelleCheck updates that may be relevant to those doing 2023 tax preparations for their institutions.


  • If you are upgrading the Human Resource (version 8.23 and 8.24) and Finance modules (version 8.16 and 8.17), there is a new version of PHPCHKL, FABCHKP, and FARDIRD. You will need an Evisions-modified PHPCHKL, FABCHKP, and FARDIRD.pc file for those versions. Submit a case with a recent PHPCHKL, FABCHKP, and/or FARDIRD log file requesting an upgrade (allow 15 days for completion). For a full list of upgrades, please reference the Banner Finance/HR upgrades in the Customer Community.


  • FormFusion tax templates will be available mid-December. Follow our 2023 Tax Template Announcement page in the Customer Community.
  • A new version of gjajobs.shl (UNIX) / sctban .pm (Windows) was included in a recent Banner upgrade. In order for FormFusion to process your files, you will need to make changes to the new gjajobs.shl (UNIX), or sctban .pm (Windows) file. Learn more about these FormFusion modifications.

Reminder: To view the Community links posted above, you must have an account on our Support Site. If you don’t have one, email us at CommunityRegistration@evisions.com with your name and institution, and we’ll send you an invite to create one.



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