Argos 6.10 (and MAPS 6.10.2) Now Available



Evisions has released version 6.10 of Argos and 6.10.2 of MAPS. This update to our enterprise reporting solution and platform server focuses on security and access:

  • To support new requirements set forth by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Argos client requires the ability to log in directly using SSO-only. The Argos client will now have the ability to invoke a SAML-based login prompt, mimicking the existing process, but allowing SAML-based authentication to connect users with Argos instead of the MAPS/LDAP version.
  • Eliminating the need for intricate configurations, if allowed by the MAPS Administrator, certain Argos users can now pick a Primary Group with preconfigured permissions and execute a DataBlock or Report using those permissions. The Primary Group can be changed easily, allowing seamless changing of permissions between each DataBlock execution.

Watch this video for an overview of these enhancements.

This release also includes maintenance updates and bug fixes. For more detailed descriptions of all updates, please see the release guides for Argos 6.10 and MAPS 6.10.2.

After reading the Release Guides, if you still need help, please contact Evisions Support:



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