Argos and MAPS 6.11 Now Available



Evisions has released version 6.11 of Argos and MAPS. This update to our enterprise reporting solution and platform server focuses on expanded functionality and data access changes.

  • Argos now gives users the ability to query CSV files at will. Understanding that DataBlock designers may want to include data not available from a traditional database source, we’ve added a new data option to the DataBlock Multicolumn List box to define a set of fields based on a sample CSV file. After the fields have been defined, an end user can import a CSV file during the execution of the DataBlock, populating the Multicolumn List Box with the contents of the CSV file. This data, once populated, can be used to filter the results of a chart on a dashboard or the results of a report.
  • In the previous Argos release, we added a “Primary Group” selector so users can specify a priority group to use when running a DataBlock, from a data perspective. This selector was intended for Data Connections only, but the selector included more groups than an institution probably used for Data Connections. In this release, a new Group property called “Category” was added in MAPS Configuration Tool to help filter the selector in Argos. (The initial category available is Data Connections.)

Watch this video for more information on these enhancements.

This release also includes maintenance updates and bug fixes. For more detailed descriptions of all updates, please see the release guides for Argos 6.11 and MAPS 6.11.

After reading the Release Guides, if you still need help, please contact Evisions Support:



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