Argos and MAPS 6.5 Now Available



Evisions announces the release of version 6.5 of Argos and MAPS. This version of our enterprise reporting solution and platform server offers a new way to connect to your cloud data sources, support for the MAPS server in a 64-bit environment, and other minor enhancements around design and user interface.

Key updates include:

  • Introducing the REST Connector: An easy-to-use interface and setup to connect you to your cloud data sources directly in MAPS Config.
  • Supporting the MAPS server in a 64-bit environment (provides improved memory for handling a larger number of requests that are sent and processed)
  • Crosstab reports now feature a database field to improve the information shown in the available bands

>> Get a closer look at these v6.5 updates, including a demo of the REST Connector. Watch Now

More detailed information can be found in the Argos 6.5 and MAPS 6.5 Release Guides.



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