Argos and MAPS 6.7 Now Available



Evisions announces the release of version 6.7 of Argos and MAPS. This update to our enterprise reporting solution and platform server centers on improved usability.

Key updates include:

  • Conditional formatting within a multi-column list box for drawing attention to specific data (e.g., highlighting all GPAs less than 2.0)
  • Charting options now include the ability to set the minimum value for the Y-axis (horizontal)
  • On-screen tooltips: Especially helpful to new Argos users, tooltips provide on-screen information to help the user understand the particular item (without having to leave the application to seek the advice from the Help)
  • Auto save process: When a user leaves a Dashboard, Banded or Crosstab report open without saving, Argos will now autosave the document into a new draft

In addition, Argos clients using Evisions DORIS will now have the ability to use DORIS as a Data Connection in MAPS.

Learn more about the Argos/MAPS 6.7 release in this recorded overview. More detailed information can also be found in the Argos 6.7 and MAPS 6.7 Release Guides.

After reading the Release Guides, if you still need help, please contact Evisions Support:



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