Argos and MAPS 6.8 Now Available



Evisions announces the release of version 6.8 of Argos and MAPS. This update to our enterprise reporting solution and platform server focuses on providing the user with a more secure and stable experience.

The key update in this release is the option to create a ‘timeout’ when user inactivity occurs.

  • This timeout frees up resources left behind when a user leaves their workstation and/or forgets to log out.
  • MAPS Administrators can customize the number minutes before the timeout occurs, to align with their institution’s security requirements.
  • This new function will notify the user when they are approaching the timeout, providing an opportunity for the user to remain active. If no response is provided, the user is timed out.

Other updates in this release include enhancements to the REST Connector, bug fixes, and accessibility improvements. More detailed information can be found in the Argos 6.8 and MAPS 6.8 Release Guides.

After reading the Release Guides, if you still need help, please contact Evisions Support:



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