Argos & MAPS 4.5 Now Available



Evisions is pleased to announce the release of Argos and MAPS version 4.5, which contains the following new features and changes:

Key Argos Updates:

  • Export OLAP cubes xlsx file from client or Web Viewer
  • New search tab – various filters available
  • Banded report editor – objects now shown in collapsible tree format
  • Insert tab delimiter from extract report editor with a click of a button
  • Web Viewer charts recognize maximum value for Y axis

Key MAPS Updates:

  • Redesigned eLauncher – supports non-Java method of launching products
  • Batch edit scheduled Argos reports
  • Display values of blind variables in debugging log

More detailed information can be found in the Argos 4.5 Release Guide and MAPS 4.5 Release Guide.



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