Evisions Enhances IRIS with an IPEDS Focused Data Model



IRVINE, Calif. – February 7, 2020 – Evisions introduces an updated and enhanced version of IRIS, its IPEDS survey solution for institutions of higher education. IRIS now includes an IPEDS focused data model, making it easier to connect to and collect IPEDS data. This major enhancement improves the overall efficiency of IRIS for IPEDS reporting and lowers the risk of penalties resulting from flawed data.

In addition to automating the workflow for completing the IPEDS surveys, IRIS now simplifies the connection to an institutions’ data sources and minimizes the struggles typically associated with collecting IPEDS survey data. The data model within IRIS serves as a repository for structured and unstructured data. It lets users ingest and transform non-aggregated data from third party sources, cleaning it upon ingestion and reducing the need for fragile point-to-point data integrations. IRIS then pulls the clean data from the data model into the survey with a click of a button.

“As part of Evisions’ commitment to invest in innovation, this IRIS enhancement provides a state-of-the art solution to a common problem: the difficulty of standardizing and organizing data. By providing a targeted data model, it also provides focus and a quick win for institutions unsure where to start,” said Kristy Elliott, Evisions Vice President of Product and Partnerships. “Users and institutional stakeholders will benefit from a clean, consistent, sustainable data set for managing their IPEDS reporting.”


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Eric Goldman



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