FormFusion and IntelleCheck Tax Season Reminders



This tax season, if you use FormFusion and/or IntelleCheck and are applying Banner updates, there are some key reminders of which you should be aware.


Evisions-modified fabchkp.pc, fardird.pc and/or phpchkl.pc files should be compiled before running a new batch of payments.


If there is a new version of  gjajobs.shl or file with the Banner upgrade, you will need to apply the FormFusion modifications described in the FormFusion Installation Guide- Banner 3.6 prior to running any jobs.

If there is no new version of the gjajobs.shl or file, current production gjajobs.shl or files with the FormFusion modifications should be backed up before the Banner upgrade and placed back in afterwards.

Tax templates will be released mid-December. We recommend following the forum and the FormFusion Tax Center.

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