MAPS 6.6 Now Available



Evisions announces the release of version 6.6 of MAPS. This version of our multiple application platform server features improved configuration options for defining and connecting to data stored in a cloud source.

Key updates include:

  • Ethos integration capability for Argos and FormFusion (While this integration is now available as part of the 6.6 release, Evisions will be providing additional details soon. Stay tuned!)
  • Various improvements around the Argos REST Connector (part of the Connect advanced feature):
    • REST Connector can now be exported, imported, and shared among users – either within your institution or between different institutions
    • Custom API server-side filters in the REST Connector configuration. (This provides support for endpoint connections, such as those in Ethos.)
    • Customizable pagination styles. (This allows the REST Connector to return all available sets of data using four different styles of pagination.)
    • Inclusion of dynamic values within the URL configured for the REST endpoint
    • Support for Bearer Token Authentication for a REST Connector

In addition to the updates listed above, MAPS product licenses are now automatically refreshed. Clients no longer need to do their own manual updates.

More detailed information can be found in the MAPS 6.6 Release Guide.



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