Expert Help is Always Available

Should you ever need help at any time during the life cycle of our products, our Professional Services team stands ready to provide comprehensive consulting services.

Our quality consulting services are designed to deliver exactly what you need to completely and accurately use Evisions software. We offer the following services in strategic partnership with our clients to provide the tools you need to maximize the return on our products.

Help With MAPS

Our implementation experts will work closely with your staff (on site or remotely) to determine how to efficiently and securely set up your MAPS environment to meet your Institutional needs.

Help With Security

Our expert consulting team will come review your internal processes to identify any reporting problems, and help streamline your system to get it running more securely and efficiently.

Help With Report-Needs Analysis

Determining and gathering user needs is one of the most challenging and important pieces of a project, whether you have a new Argos implementation, or want to enhance your report capabilities. Our consulting team can help frame these discussions to develop meaningful specifications that answer the reporting questions.

Help With Process Improvement

Do you need help in determining how to organize, optimize, or combine existing DataBlocks and Reports? Use Evisions consulting services to review the procedures and reporting your institution already has in place and identify opportunities for improvement.

Attend Our Consulting Workshop

Get personalized help from an Argos expert at our three-day workshop. Just send your DataBlock Designers and ReportWriters with projects they can bring to the workshop.

Your Argos developers will receive:

  • Advice and feedback
  • How-to information
  • Insights into methodology
  • Best Practice suggestions
  • Dedicated time for Argos development
  • Collaboration with other developers

Security Consulting

Is your system getting out of control? Perhaps the administrator is leaving, or you just need someone to help sort out the mess of Datablocks. If you’re experiencing an administrative nightmare, talk to your Evisions Argos representative. Our experts can offer a number of recommendations to improve your network security. Our consulting team will come review your internal processes, identify any reporting problems, test to production, and help streamline your system to get it running more efficiently.

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