Evisions Unveils IRIS – its Higher Ed IPEDS Solution



On January 9th, Evisions released its newest Higher Education solution: IRIS (Institutional Research Information System).

IRIS is a SaaS-based Higher Education Compliance Solution designed with Institutional Research in mind. It provides IR departments a central engine that facilitates an easier, more effective way to complete their IPEDS surveys – so they can focus on more strategic initiatives that support their institution’s goals. This web-based, user-friendly platform automates the workflow process for reviewing, validating, and approving IPEDS surveys.

Key benefits of IRIS include:

  • Reduces manual entry of targeted survey data, and streamlines the approval process.
  • Enables management of the IPEDS approval process from start to finish with easy-to-use tracking and communication features.
  • Reduces the risk of misreporting with built-in alerts that let you know when data doesn’t match up to previous year’s submissions.

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