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In order to enable true enterprise reporting, organizations must be able to get the information to the masses.  With the use of the optional API feature, users can achieve a fast and fully-integrated view of the timely, accurate, and personalized business information that is most relevant and important to them.  Leverage your existing technologies to securely distribute reports, making it easier for users to access them. Utilizing standard HTML links this module will enable the launch of dashboards and reports through a portal or web page. The API module encourages broader use and availability of reporting across all users groups. Users can securely access Argos reports anywhere, on or off campus without constraints. The API module will allow third-party applications and webpages to run Argos reports and dashboards outside of the Web Viewer. You can also leverage your Single-Sign-On (LDAP) servers for authentication and security. Dashboards and reports are then delivered with AES and HTTPS encryption so sensitive data is not vulnerable at any time

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  For example, you could send out student hold letters on a daily basis via email as a PDF attachment that can be password protected and encrypted. Data fields from the letter can be used for the bursting criteria and the encryption password, for example the student ID field.


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