Argos as a BI Solution – Meeting Changing Expectations with Report Delivery

by Evisions


La Salle University is utilizing Argos Dashboards to meet the ongoing demand for immediate information and complete data visualization. In addition to helping with day-to-day reports such as letter/email generation, forms, schedules, and other operational-type reports, Argos has helped the institution move away from relying only on spreadsheets and PDF reports. Instead, La Salle uses interactive dashboards with drill-down capabilities and scheduled summary reports. This on demand webinar provides specific examples, including census reports, enrollment reports, and advancement reports.

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On Demand Webinar - Organized & Accurate Reporting in La Salle’s Admission Office

La Salle University discusses why and how they are using Argos in their Office of Undergraduate Admission.

La Salle University Case Study

Argos is “Christmas in July” for Office of Undergraduate Admission

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