Data as the New Oil: How Evisions Argos Helped Refine It at Tiffin University

by Evisions


How can you get buy-in to better use data within your organization? Everyone wants data, but few understand the complications associated with extracting it, cleaning it, presenting it and interpreting it ethically.

Tiffin University reviews the experience they had implementing Argos. This data enterprise reporting solution presents numerous opportunities to better refine data, but it is just a tool. And all tools need to be understood in order to be better utilized.

The webinar was presented by:
Teresa Shafer, Vice President for Institutional Planning and Effectiveness, Tiffin University
Holly Allgood, Director of Institutional Research, Tiffin University
Justin Schlenker, Director of Enterprise Application Services, Tiffin University

Blog - Steps To Higher Education Data Cleanliness: A Technical Perspective

As data analysts continue to spend large amounts of time preparing data prior to analysis or reporting, it becomes critical to clean your higher education data.

Case Study - Jacksonville University

Accessible and Affordable Reporting Achieved with Argos

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