Data, Data Everywhere (Plenty of Drops to Drink)

by Evisions


Data, Data Everywhere (And It’s Not About to Shrink)
Data, Data Everywhere (Plenty of Drops to Drink)

With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, we realize that a higher ed professional “surrounded” by data isn’t quite as dangerous or intriguing as an ancient mariner surrounded by the sea. Still, that higher ed professional must be able to access and report that data in a manner that is as efficient and clear as possible. That responsibility comes with some inherent concerns.

This webinar addresses some of those concerns. We look at the pros and cons of where you store your data – cloud vs. client. We then discuss – from a few different perspectives – whether or not there can truly be one source of truth when it comes to pulling in data. Lastly, we review a new but growing trend called DaaS (Data as a Service).

This webinar is an expanded discussion of our blog series, “Data, Data Everywhere (And It’s Not About to Shrink)”

eBook - Data, Data Everywhere (And It’s Not about to Shrink)

Read about the ways an institution can more safely navigate through an ever-increasing sea of data.

On Demand Webinar - Data and Data Sources – A Deeper Dive

You need a way to deal with increasing data complexity on three fronts: accessing the data, examining or validating the data, and reporting the data.

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