Maintaining Higher Ed Compliance in This Information Age

by Evisions


Maintaining compliance is always a top priority for college and university administrators. It affects funding, reputation and – most importantly – enrollment. There are multiple categories of compliance as well, including IPEDS and the NCAA. The Common Data Set (national ranking surveys) is also an important consideration.

In today’s information age, more than ever before, institutions have an abundance of data to collect, organize, verify and report. Here, we examine various issues that colleges and universities face when it comes to dealing with all of the compliance-related data that is now available at their fingertips. The goal is to show you that you may not be alone in facing certain compliance issues, and to provide ideas to help you work through those issues.

This on demand webinar is an expanded discussion of our blog series, “Higher Education Compliance: Institutions & Students are in the Spotlight.”

eBook - Higher Education Compliance: Institutions & Students are in the Spotlight

In this eBook we take a high-level view of some of the challenges and questions colleges and universities face in their ongoing compliance reporting efforts.

On Demand Webinar - IPEDS Surveys: Crunching the Numbers

IPEDS surveys comes down to numbers – from the data you’re reporting, to the hours spent completing the surveys, to the costs involved.

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