Schedule Your Reports – Not Your Life – Away

by Evisions


You’ve already created your Dashboards and Reports in Argos, but what’s next? Do your users have to log in to run the same report day after day, week after week? Do you need to send these reports to users that may not have access to, or just don’t use, Argos? The Argos Scheduler is your solution for this and more. 

This webinar, presented by Bryan Fortriede of Ball State University, covers topics from step-by-step, basic schedule creation to complex, parameter-driven, HTML emails. Learn how to use a schedule to hijack SUAMAIL to send better emails, to parse a report and send to multiple users, to load documents into BDMS and, and to schedule print jobs. The Argos Scheduler can do this and more.

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Blog: Writing Reports with a Scheduling Mindset

Bryan Fortriede of Ball State University continues his discussion of scheduling reports in this informative blog.

On Demand Webinar - Advanced Schedules in Argos

The show’s not over. Bryan dives deeper into the scheduling capabilities of Argos in this second on demand webinar presentation.

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