Using Argos for Contact Tracing at BSU

by Evisions


Bridgewater State University is expecting students and visitors to campus this fall. In the age of Covid, safety is paramount and the university found a way to log visitors and facilitate contact tracing using Evisions Argos. This presentation outlines how BSU uses Argos to collect visitor data for on-campus offices and allows the contact tracing staff to run reports, showing where visits have occurred and who may have been in the same place at the same time for simple contact tracing.

Heather Tisdelle, Acting Director of Administrative Systems at Bridgewater State University, presents this important information.

Link to DataBlock in Evisions CO-OP (Referenced in presentation Q&A)

Blog - Did You Know You Can Build an App in Argos?

Argos is much more than a reporting resource. In fact, with a little legwork and the right tools, you can use it to build custom applications.

Case Study - Bridgewater State University

Check-in Applications with Argos are Music to University’s Ears

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