Using Argos to Build a University Culture of Data Driven Decisions and Enhance Strategic Planning

by Evisions


Texas Southern University has transformed how data is shared across campus. See how Evisions Argos has been used to develop customized reports and dashboards that are accessible to University Administration, Student Accounting, Financial Aid, Admissions, Registrar’s Office, Academic Areas as well as standard subgroups such as athletics, Veterans, etc.

Learn how the culture of data driven decisions has been established by designing an infrastructure of reporting that fosters communication among varying areas across operational responsibilities. This has supported enhancements in business processes, data integrity, strategic planning and student outcomes. Some of the customized reports covered include: current faculty, course dashboard, Executive Dashboard containing enrollment comparisons and credit hours over prior year, scholarship reports and so many more. These reports have resulted in fewer students being dropped from classes for nonpayment, increase in scholarships awarded, an increase in the number of degrees awarded and so much more.

This is presented by:
Dr. Raijanel Crockem, Associate Vice President, Office of Institutional Assessment, Planning, & Effectiveness, Texas Southern University
Keshona Robinson, Systems Analyst, Texas Southern University

Blog - A Data-Oriented Approach to Higher Education

Whether it’s student metrics, financial decisions, community impact, or engaging alumni, the data-oriented approach to higher education starts with specific, measurable goals.

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