Using Data to Inform Veteran Education Policies and Programs

by Evisions

Do you know who your veteran students are? Does your institution use veteran data to inform veteran education policies and programs on campus?

In this presentation, Janae Peterson demonstrates how Middle Tennessee State University is doing this on a daily basis using Evisions Argos enterprise reporting solution. MTSU has developed a suite of dashboards and reports that have allowed them to: identify their student veterans, apply for and be awarded many grants, simplify state and federal reporting, create new programming to benefit their veterans, help veterans navigate the academic environment and later transition from academia to the corporate world, and simply award their veterans with special activities like throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game or presenting them with a special stole to wear at graduation.

Webinar covers:

  • How MTSU got started and who was involved
  • A demonstration of dashboards and reports
  • How it has evolved and where we are now

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