Argos for Applying, Monitoring and Troubleshooting User Security

by Evisions


Data security is as important as ever within Higher Education. In this on demand webinar, Frank Abney, Director of Enterprise Applications at Eckerd College, examines two aspects of using Evisions Argos for security: 1) Banner application-level security in Argos, and 2) Argos for monitoring and troubleshooting user security.

1. Eckerd has developed some standard functionality to incorporate Banner application-level security to be used in Argos. (Have you ever used SOAROLE to control who can see student data, managed in an effective term structure?) This security can then be maintained in a functional area. Some of the things we cover are: Granting individual access to reports in a shared folder through GTVSDAX; Allowing the DataBlock to tell the user there is an access issue and which department to contact to correct the issue; Reviewing other functional security (Fund/Orgn, Payroll User/ECLS/Orgn). Even provide access to BANSECR information.

2. Argos has allowed Eckerd to consolidate user access into a single DataBlock. We look at how you we’ve included information from Banner and various other systems. (Banner information can include user security roles and classes, application-based security (i.e., FOMPROF, PTRUSER, & other related tables), Google Groups, AD Groups, and more.) We also discuss troubleshooting – how one page can help identify where a problem might be occurring.

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